Before everyone takes their well-deserved rest during the Christmas holidays, it has almost become a tradition for companies to organise Christmas dinners for their employees. It’s a time dedicated to pure enjoyment, leaving behind all concerns regarding work. These gatherings are also an opportunity for everyone in the company to put a face in the names they often only see in e-mails as well as to forge stronger bonds with one another.

This year, Maagir Farm held their annual Christmas party at Klir Waterpark Resort located in Bulacan Province. On top of its large varieties of well-maintained facilities and amenities, the resort also offers fantastic food and accommodation. But what makes the resort stand out is it’s well-trained and courteous staff who were very attentive and always ready to provide excellent service.

The Christmas celebration started with our Operations Manager, Doc Yanie Adviento’s invocation, followed by welcoming remarks by our President, Mr Victorio Velonza. After which the fun games organised by the staff were played. One of the games played was called ‘Certified B.O.B.O (Bring Out the Best of Ourselves)’, where participants were tested on their knowledge regarding prefabricated building and equipment. On top of this test of knowledge, there were also questions about projects with current company clients. One of the other games played was the ‘Samyang Noodle Challenge’. Participants were challenged to finish a plate of the popular hot & spicy noodle and then yell “Merry Christmas Maagir Farm Corporation” and the first one to finish wins.

Lucky draws were also played for employees and guests between games. The prizes ranged from cash prizes to home appliances like television, washing machine and refrigerator.

Aside from celebrating the joys of Christmas, Maagir also celebrated the employees who stood out in their work. The management gave away the ‘Megababad Award’ to one of our warehousemen, Dexter Baranggan, who showed superb commitment and dedication to work. Another award,’Petmalu Award’, was given to our technician Jeffrey Garcia for sending reports in a timely manner as well as coordinating well with his superior.

After the award ceremony, it was time for the long-awaited Christmas Presentation by our very own MFC Staff. The groups led by Doctor Yani, Dexter, Engineer Rowell, Mary Jane and JM Ponce showed a variety of talents during their presentations. These included comedy skits, dance numbers and even drama acts, which tugged at our heartstrings.

The Christmas party was an enjoyable experience. We had fun playing games, performing and exchanging gifts while at the same time bonding and fostering better relationships with one another. After the fun activities, we sat down and had the wonderful opportunity of sharing and eating together. This was a meaningful experience because when you eat and share food together, you also share your life with them.

Maagir Farm Corporation is not just a company. Here, we are a family. We help and support one another. Through ups and down, we are here supporting each other’s back. The year might end but we’re still here, together.

Cheers to everyone!

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