Manual Multi-Tier Broiler System

A Manual Multi-Tier Broiler System that can house 40,000 birds in a tunnel ventilated house designed with an automatic manure collection system and automatic feeding system resulting in a remarkedly improved broiler production, lower labor cost during production, harvest and cleaning, thus increasing its profitability.

Main body system

Main structure is zinc-free hot galvanized plate, the thickness of zinc coating is 275 grams / sq. meter. Post welding hot dip galvanized process is adopted for the whole cage wire; special galvanization process is adopted, endowing a long service life.

Transverse and longitudinal connected structure is sound and reliable as well as simple and highly efficient, ensuring the stability of cage body without collapsing.

The overall inner pushing type of big net gate are adopted, providing alternatives and facilitating manual operation.

It adopts the integrated sealing injection pad, which is soft and no pullet drop.

It has rail for operating vehicles, facilitating observation, catching chicken and protecting cribs.
Overall height of the cage is only 1950mm, height of crib at top layer is only 1550mm, facilitating feeders to observe chicken group and catch them. It can reconstruct chick house in combination with driving type feeding machine.

Manure cleaning system

The longitudinal manure belt is made of δ=1.0mm pp material, with smooth surface and high intensity. Without belt off-tracking, the manure can be cleaned completely and thoroughly.

Cross manure cleaning frame part is integral hot galvanized. The conveyor belt is made of PVC material, seamless connection design, mounted directly in integral circle, which assures the intensity and longlasting service life.

Water supply system

Integral controlled water supply lifting system, quality reliable and leakage proof. This system reduces the labor intensity and avoid drinking line damage caused by operation failure.

Feeding system

Two options for feed supply, either sowing mode or hopper trolley mode.

Advantage for sowing type feed supply: simple and efficient structure, highly cost effective, more suitable for newly built poultry house.

Advantage for hopper trolley feed loading: compact structure, smooth and accurate feed drop. It takes up smaller space, which will not interfere with lights drooping arrangement. Its application requires less of poultry house floor flatness.