Swine House System designed with adjustable farrowing pen and highly efficient dry and wet manure cleaning machine.

Advantages of Adjustable farrowing pen

  • The length and width of the sow pen is adjustable making it suitable for different sizes of sow as it grows.
  • Anti-pressing bar slows down the speed of sow lying rate, protecting the piglet from being pressed.
  • Adjustable bar in the lower part of the sow pen makes it more comfortable for the sow to lie-down and easy suckling.
  • Stainless steel feed trough, easy to disassemble and wash
  • PVC panel, easy to clean and disinfect, the piglet can walk around the sow, increase piglet activity and good for its growth and health.

Round steel bar farrowing pen

  • The sow restriction pen length can be adjusted to three lengths according to sow’s condition
  • The bottom adjusting bar is in a curve design.
  • Two side open rear door.
  • Can be used with various feed troughs and the feeder can be removed for easier cleaning.
  • The piglet PVC panel gives a nice insulation effect. It’s high strength and convenient for cleaning and disinfection.
  • Good for piglet health.

High Efficiency Dry and Wet Manure Cleaning Machine

This dry and wet manure cleaning machine can effectively do manure and urine separation which reduces the manure cleaning time. It’s also more environmentally friendly.

Feed Delivery and Feeding System

Feed Doser

  • Accurate feeding
  • Cylinder design and the cone angle at the bottom attributes to the smooth feed drop
  • Feed drops vertically; no feed stocking and leaking situations
  • Huge capacity: 8L capacity meets the requirement of 1-2 times feed drop each day
  • Simple medicine adding: convenient for both manual and auto medicine adding and sow info can be hanged to it

Sow Free Feed Intake Feeder

  • Keeps the feed fresh 24 hours a day
  • Reduce feed waste
  • Better lactation, higher mating rate, higher weaning body weight