About US

Who we are?

A duly registered Philippine Corporation since 2011 and primarily engaged in providing modern high-quality equipment and pre-fabricated houses for poultry and livestock.

Established in 2011, we have transformed from a small organization into a powerhouse working with some of the biggest and well known clients and brands in the industry.

MFC’s partnership with industry leaders in the region and our dedicated support to customers enable us to become a benchmark of quality for providing agricultural products and services.

Focused dedication to our valued customers and to the markets we serve has helped our company to grow. We plan on enduring for years to come by remaining true to the values on which the Company was founded – supplying the highest quality products, unparalleled service, integrity and commitment to customer's ever changing needs.

Corporate Vision

To be a leading and most preferred partner in poultry and livestock industry for high quality equipment, machineries and pre-fabricated houses with unparalleled service geared towards attainment of business success and improvement of quality of life and preservation of the environment.

Corporate Mission

To be the most competitive and dynamic supply and service company for agriculture, to this we commit ourselves to;

  • Continuously collaborate with leading manufacturers in the region and ensure the products are abreast with the latest Industry standards in design and quality.
  • Employ and engage professionals with high level of technical proficiency and personal values, display at all times proper and our processes provides ease and convenience for our customers.
  • Always rate ourselves as leading examples for professionalism & innovations while possessing pioneering attitude towards self-development.
  • Increase our business potentials by engaging sustainable partnership with our customers.

Our Values

What we strive for:

  • Society & Environment - in all our actions, we protect the environment and contribute to society.
  • Growth & Stability - we strive to develop ourselves to better satisfy our customers thus driving us to sustainable business potentials.

What we value:

  • Customers - our ideas and initiatives are geared towards assisting our customers to achieve their business goals and grow together as their valued and reliable partner.
  • Employees - we are respectful of our employees' inherent traits giving importance between balancing personal and professional life and support them to achieve individual growth.
  • Business partners - act towards creating long-term relationship and together we effectively support our customers' needs.
  • Quality - continually meet quality levels expected by our customer in all our undertakings.
  • Technology - recognizing our customers' ever changing needs and requirements for efficient and reliable services as we constantly search for technology that best address their expectations.