As  part of Maagir Farm Corporation’s (MFC) continuous effort to consistently provide quality service to its clientele, the company conducted a briefing on ’Equipment Installation’ last June 27, 2016 at Maagir Office. Mr. Adeli Qin, Sales Manager of Bigherdsman and head speaker of the briefing, shared his technical and sales knowledge with the MFC technicians during the briefing.

Mr Adeli Qin spoke about services before, during and after sales such as: facilitating client-awareness in operating equipment, proper communication with client, pre-installation procedures and points to note while carrying out services and management functions. In addition, he also supplemented MFC technicians’ know-how on installation of air inlet, box fan, cooling pad, drinking line, electric lines, feeding lines, medical pump, panel door and L. B. White Heater.

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