Maagir Farm Corporation held their 2nd team building activity at Agno, Pangasinan on 28th April 2017. This year’s theme is ‘One Team: Moving Together as One.’

The Maagir family grows larger each year as more and more talented individuals join the organisation. To ensure that the Maagir family not only works with talented individuals but also well-coordinated and talented teams, an activity-filled team building event is a must. Team building is essential to a growing organisation, like Maagir Farm, as it develops teamwork through collaboration. The event was organized with a specific goal in mind: promote synergy within the Maagir Family, while not forgetting to enjoy the fun activities prepared.

We started our fun-filled day solemnly as we used our humble hands to plant trees, symbolizing our aspirations for Maagir Farm Corporation. We believe that though we started with humble beginnings, we will grow to be robust and enduring just like the trees we had planted.

We kicked off the team building games with a fun icebreaker called ‘The Plate is Full’. Participants were divided into two teams, yellow and maroon. Next, each individual was assigned a random partner from the other team. The players were then asked to share three interesting facts about their partners to the rest of the participants. After the ice-breaker, both teams were given time to brainstorm their team names. The Yellow team called themselves the ‘Yellow Submarine Team’ while the Maroon team identified themselves as ‘Maroon-ong Team’.

Next, both teams made their way to the sea for a game called ‘Water Relay’. Each team is given an empty bottle, which they must fill using only their hands, within the time limit. The Maroon-ong Team took the first victory of the day as they proved to be the more skillful team. ‘Tag Team Name’ was the next activity of the day, where the participants expressed their creative side through illustration. Both teams were given the challenge of conveying the strengths and the positive characteristics of the individuals on their teams on the canvass. Following this, the groups exercised their brains, tested their memories and got down and dirty through games like ‘Card Relay’, ‘4 Pic 1 Word’ and ‘Nose Dive’. Before it was time for lunch, it was time to get the creative juices flowing with the last activity of the day, ‘Kite Making’. Using only the limited materials around them, both teams faced the challenge of making an airworthy kite within the set time frame. After having fun under the sun, everyone ate their well-deserved lunch as one Maagir family.

At last, it was finally time to crown the winning team. After the deliberation of the jury panel, the team who triumphed in the end was ‘Maroon-ong Team’. Despite the friendly competition, awards were given to both teams for their remarkable team spirit throughout the whole event. Individuals who displayed outstanding skills and character during the day were also awarded. 

At the end of the day, we were reminded of the importance of taking a break from the hustle and bustle of the city. Even though we spent the day competing as two different teams, we returned from our team building as a stronger and closer Maagir family.

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