Slatted (CCS3)

Slatted Broiler House System that can house 36, 000 – 40, 000 birds in a tunnel ventilated house designed with an automatic feeding and drinking delivery system, environment controller system that provides proper ventilation in the house resulting in a profitable poultry production.

Automatic Feed Delivery System

The automatic delivering system is composed of a silo or a main hopper driving system, pvc tube, quality auger and so on. This increases management efficiency, reduce cross-infection and realize high automation of production process in the whole farm.

Broiler Feedline System

Each house has five (5) lines of Feeder line. A total of 180 feed pan is attached per Feeder line. Each feed pan can cater to 40 - 45 birds. All in all, each building can house 36, 000 – 40, 000 birds.

Main features of our broiler feed pan

  • Slide shutter-off can adjust feed amount
  • Pan plate can be disassembled on the ground working as special pan for 0-7 days old chicken.
  • Edge of pan plate tilt towards the center which can avoid the waste of feed.
  • Assemble type of the pan in the pipe can be fixed or swing.
  • Feed capacity: 16 bird per pan, Feed pan diameter 360mm

Ventilation System

50" Fan---2013 model

  • Frame panel, shutter and cone are with high anticorrosive material, hot galvanized material (275g/m2) or superdyma panel, with good appearance and incomplete body stamping form.
  • Detachable shutter body for easier installation and maintenance
  • Cross-type blade support makes for a more reliable fan

Air inlet

  • Made with specially chosen high quality PS project plastics, solid and durable, anti-aging and antiUV.
  • Structure of the upper edges of the windows are designed air tight, this helps your poultry house for better isolation.
  • Wind air directing board is situated in both sides of the windows effectively preventing the wind from blowing down, letting the fresh air flush into the center of the birdhouse, spreading it evenly and giving it an ideal effect for air exchanging

Curtain System

Curtains serves to protect the birds from direct sunlight, rain and the harsh winter conditions. The curtain helps maintain the inside temperature during brooding period. Our PE Double side coated curtain comes with a manual winch to assist farm workers on raising or lowering the curtain with ease and simplicity.

Cooling Pad

The cooling pad is made of raw material, by sticking wave fiber paper. The integration of a special chemical composition and post-processing makes the cooling pad anticorrosive, high strength, and gave it a long service life. It can supply enough surface area for heat exchange of the water and air and also can purify the air as a natural filter.

Plastic Slat

  • Dimension of 2 ft x 3 ft
  • Height may vary from 6, 8 and 10 inches respectively