European Design (Low-High-Low)

Breeder House System capable of housing 11, 500 females and 1, 725 males (15% of female) in a tunnel ventilated house designed with a LOW-HIGH-LOW flooring, an auto nest system (situated on the center of the house- slatted area) and an auto feeding system.


A modern equipment collecting eggs with a belt conveyor which delivers eggs smoothly to the egg picking table. The automatic nest system is designed to provide a quiet and comfortable laying space for layers and broilers. It ensures that eggs are not damaged. Base mesh can rotate automatically to ensure that the nest is clean. It has a special belt structure to ensure smooth egg delivery. It has a soft egg picking platform, convenient for egg collecting, controlling the rate of broken eggs down below 0.8%, comfortable plastic floor, assuring the cleanliness of the egg laying area providing an ideal external environment for egg laying. Easy to operate, strong and durable, reliable, easy to maintain and made of good material.


An automatic feeder system composed of – feed hopper/silo, driving device, corner, through and feed chain. The feed is distributed uniformly and reliably; all birds receive the same amount and quality of feed with minimum feed losses, cost-efficient, simple, easy cleaning, low labor and maintenance requirements.

Main Features:

  • Drive device adopt vertical reducer motor, which is more reliable and steadier, less noise and uniform delivery feed compared with mechanical reduction gear. Delivery speed reach up to 36m/min.
  • The height of feed trough can be adjusted according to different raising period. The support of feed trough is made of high intensity nylon material, antiseptic and anti-corrosion, more suitable for poultry house environment.
  • A 90-degree corner and slideway surface are treated by special harden process making parts more durable and robust.
  • Feed trough is made of anti-rust material and grill with 44mm distance can effectively separate the male and female birds.