The Automatic Layer Cage System is designed with an automatic egg collection and automatic manure collection in a complete tunnel ventilated system (Controlled Climate System). Each building can house from 20,000 layers up to 200,000 layers depending on your requirement.

Layer Cage

  • Aluminized zinc wire mesh: Corrosion resistance thereof is 3-4 times of that of ordinary hot galvanized wire mesh
  • Sliding cage door: It is limited to bending, convenient in operation and good for taking the chickens in and out;
  • Bottom wire: It has a slope of 7 degrees and high elasticity due to being installed on the tension wire, and protects the eggs during falling and rolling;
  • Egg protective damper: It prevents the chickens pecking eggs, and avoids chicken manure falling on the trough on bottom layer;
  • V-shaped water trough is located below the waterline to avoid the water falling on the manure slider
  • Hot galvanized feed trough:high strength for people to stand on; V-shape trough bottom and high external edge for less feed waste
  • Top wire: It is used to prevent the chickens pecking the manure slider, and cage layer is tall and good in ventilation
  • Plastic parts: There are few plastic parts, so that the cage is convenient to install and easy to maintain

Elevator Egg System

  • Adopts a belt + overall egg claw mechanism
  • Strong egg collection capacity: ≥ 12,000/hour
  • Simple design and equipped with belt tension and correction device
  • Operates smoothly and consistently with few eggs broken

Horizontal egg collection device

  • Cleans collected eggs during rolling and adjusts direction of the eggs
  • Collection trays are configured to collect soft-shelled eggs and dirt each layer
  • An egg collection guide ensures that the eggs are uniformly distributed on the elevator egg collection device to improve efficiency

Elevator layered egg output + new egg catcher

  • Harvest eggs in a layered manner to reduce collision between the eggs and the central egg line. The foam on the inner wall buffers the rolling speed of eggs to reduce the broken egg rate
  • It adopts new type egg catcher to convey the eggs continuously

High Efficiency Chain Feed Line

  • The chain-type feeding is fast with low noise and stable operation
  • The feed is distributed uniformly and the stale feed may be refreshed
  • The feeding line is equipped with a safety pin that may be cut off during motor overload to protect the motor
  • The corner cover is transparent for the convenience of observation of internal corner

Manure Removal System

  • High efficiency motor makes sure that the belt transmission is running stable and reliable
  • Rubber coated driving roller and sectional rubber coated tensioning roller makes sure that the belt is pasted with less manure and not slippery
  • The manure scraper is a little soft, effectively protects the pp conveyor belt. Double scraper ensures the cleaning effect of the conveyor belt. PU material with long service life.